Preparing for Easter


We are to prepare our hearts for the most significant event in the history of humanity. We are to prioritize our thinking around Good Friday and Easter. The Israelites were making preparations for the Passover that occured once a year. In the third year of Christ’s ministry Jesus is also preparing for Passover, however not just to celebrate, but to be the passover lamb of God. What was it like on that day when Jesus entered Jerusalem for His last time in a human body?

It was an absolute blowout when Jesus entered Jerusalem. Scholars estimate at least two million people gathered for the Passover celebration. Most of Christ’s ministry was done outside the walls of Jerusalem. The Galieans, as well as those who witnessed the resurrection of Lazurus, were probably there front and center. Because Jesus was a good Israelite he was there to attend to the Passover. This was not the only time he attended Passover for again he kept the law as a rabbi would. It was at this Passover that prophecy was fulfilled from the book of Zechariah 9:9. He would enter on a colt, the foal of a donkey. This riding in on a donkey was a sign of royalty even used in Babylon.The people cheered as if he were a king. He was welcomed as a hero, but soon afterwards he went to a zero. These same people would this very week reject Jesus Christ and have him crucified.

The Pharisee’s, the Scribes, and the leading political body, the Sanhedrein, all missed why Jesus had come to earth in the first place. What had they missed? They had missed the main theme of the Old Testament and that is what is truly going to bring peace between God and man. The answer is a sacrifice that would once and for all reconcile us to God. Israel knew they needed a Messiah however they wanted a king to take down Rome and resurrect Israel as a powerful nation. Isaiah, who towers over all the other prophets, gave extensive material to the two comings of the Messiah.

In Isaiah you have the victorious king. However, before the king is to come Isaiah presents the suffering servant, who shows up first.The messiah is to come as a servant to present himself as the passover lamb. The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29). As we come into this holy season it is a great time to remember what Christ did for us to bring peace between God and humanity. If you believe in Jesus, your sin is remembered no more by God almighty. As a believer you receive even more blessings, such as justified, set apart for special use, set free, can walk in the Spirit, and many many more. Do a little research of your own and see how many you can find in the Bible. You can use YouVersion or BibleGateway and do word searches to help you find the blessings God speaks of in the Bible.

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